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China App Marketing

The China App Marketing Blog attempts to shed light on two fairly opaque yet rapidly developing trends in digital media: the production and consumption of content via mobile phone applications, and the explosion of mobile activity in China.

Zac Aghion is originally from New York City, and started his career as a marketing analyst that placed him with the former digital marketing team of an online media property which generated 11 million unique daily users at its’ peak. As a part of that team, Zac applied advanced statistical methods and sig sigma methodologies to pioneer digital marketing techniques in customer relationship management, affiliate program marketing, conversion optimization, and web analytics.

In 2010, Zac was awarded the China Government Scholarship to study Mandarin Chinese and so traded the cold winters of Montreal for the busy streets of Shanghai. He has since become proficient in written and spoken Chinese, and since 2011 has advised with US and Chinese Internet ventures and digital media companies on marketing strategy, customer analytics and business development.

Contact Zac:

Email: zac.aghion@gmail.com

China: +86 1592-1631-924

Twitter: @zacaghion

Skype: zac.aghion

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